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Trusted partner in recycling

Melika was founded in 2010 in Lviv.

Our main goal is to recycle electronics using the latest safe methods. We follow all the rules and regulations provided by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

Melika is licensed with permission to collect and recycle electronics junk and precious metals.

Team of professionals are qualified and fully equipped to safely deal with any type of challenge.  


We provide complete list of services that ensured best outcome for your company.






Stop pollution, save the planet today! Melika will help you!

Melika – brings new ideas of how to consciously care of old equipment and care for environment. We pride ourselves in being flexible to help achieve this high goal and make sure that everyone enjoys this experience. This is the only way to ensure that companies will do this consistently and we eliminate harmful junk from our environment.




To start the process we are asking to send us your order using fax, email, or using the form of the website.



Inside the order please provide location, list of items you wish to recycle, the deadline and contact information of representative who will be in charge of the operation.



After receiving your request we’ll contact you within a few days to ask additional questions and to set milestones.



At the agreed time we’ll arrive and load the requested junk and move it to our facilities for recycling.

Order Form

Please provide the location, list of items, and deadline. Don’t forget to provide contact information.


    Do we transport junk ourselves?
    Can I deliver junk myself?
    What is “electronic junk”?
    Do we recycle only electronic junk?
    Can you work with government companies?
    What’s recycling?
    How price for recycling is set?

    Do we transport junk ourselves?

    Yes! After receiving an order and agreeing on the date, we pick up junk ourselves using our trucks. On the spot, we write down all of the received junk and provide you with all required for accounting documentation.

    Can I deliver junk myself?

    Yes! You can deliver junk to recycling location we provide. Our team will help unload and prepare all the documentation you need.

    What is “electronic junk”?

    Electronic and electric junk – is all of the devices, machines that are out of order or are deprecated due to age.

    Do you recycle ONLY electronic junk?

    Yes. Scope of our services is limited by license and we have ability to recycle any junk that has precious metals in it.

    Can you work with government companies?

    Yes! We work with private and public companies(goverment).

    What’s recycling?

    The legal term Recycling is defined as collection, transportation and disposal of the junk.

    How price for recycling is set?

    Price is based on amount of labor required to disasable and asses specific electronic junk, and sometimes require significant manual labour. We provide this as example of list of work required for one item of junk to be recycled:
    • Transportation
    • Disassembling
    • Grouping and bricking all non-precious metal by type
    • Separation of plastics
    • Separation of precious metals
    • Grouping and bricking all precious metal
    • Sorting of all metals using technological instruments
    • Recycling of circuit boards (sometimes requiring external expertise)
    Price formation consist of “base recycling value” and “additional recycling value” usually based on specifics of electronic junk and additional amount of work that requires in collection of garbage. We are always on top of our game and make sure that our prices are competitive and satisfactory for our clients!


    We are excited to work with you!

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